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Keeping us all singing on the same page!

We are excited to release our first edition of the Roswell Music Jam Songbooks set! 

We have a song book for each group, a compendium and a zip file of all the chordpro files. (5 files total)

May 5, 2024 Release

NOTE: The Beginner Bluegrass group will continue to use the JAM Songbook. See the Beginner section on the Bluegrass page for details. 

NOTE: We will probably release a version every few weeks while we find typos and such. You are certainly welcome to print the PDF, some have even taken previous editions to print shops and have them bound. We suggest you wait until at least May and let us sort out any major issues, and validate the page flow when printed. Most songs are 1 page, but some are 2 and others are 3 and we may need to insert blank pages to fix left right printing. 


This song book is 100% for educational purposes. It is free to all.  Many of the songs we tabbed ourselves.  All songs have been checked for accuracy and chord placement (as best as possible). 

I hope you find this a useful tool on your musical education journey! 

Huge thanks to the numerous members of Roswell Music Jam who helped Tab, Reviewed and proof our books!  You are the real heroes!

If you have feedback or requests don't hesitate to email us at



March 29, 2024 Release

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