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Electric Jam

(formerly known as Jam & Blues)



The Electric Jam allows musicians to plug in and jam on a stage with PA amplification. This jam is not limited to a specific music genre. It covers the gamut from Blues, Jam Band, Country and Americana to Rock. The focus will be songs that allow for solos and improv for the players.

The Electric Jam is a great way to get used to playing on a stage with amplification.


All levels of player are welcome and encouraged to join! We pride ourselves on being a teaching jam and highly welcoming space. (aka no divas :D)


If you are an accomplished musician, please come and join us and bring your Teaching heart :D We are all looking to learn!


Hosted on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. See the Home page for the upcoming dates. 

How does the Electric Jam operate?​​


There will be room for 5-8 players on the stage. We have a group leader that makes sure that all players get plenty of opportunities to get up on stage and play. If the stage is not for you, you can bring an amp with headphones and play along.

If on stage, an amp will be provided. In order to control the room volume, all sounds must go through the mixer. No exceptions.

How are we different than a normal Blues Style Jam?

Many of our songs will be from our RMJ Electric Songbook. Players are encouraged to bring a couple of songs to share with the group. These should be simple chords that the players can play through while allowing for improvisational jams. Print a few copies so that we can place them on stage.

  • All players can bring their own small amp and headphones, come in and find a seat.

  • Power will be distributed through the room

  • While the house band plays, plug in your headphones and jam away

  • Ask questions between songs on ideas for soloing or improving

What Instruments can I bring?


Most instruments are welcome: guitar, elec. bass, keys, harmonica, mandolin, melodica, etc. Since we have a PA, acoustic instruments can also be run through the PA as well. We have drums, congas and other percussion. Power strips will be spread around the circle. 


Singers without instruments are also SUPER welcome! If you just love singing and want to come and jam with us we would love it!

What songs do you all play?

We have released a songbook that includes all the songs across all the genres. It is available on the Songbooks page

We ALWAYS start with the following 4 songs:


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