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Bluegrass Jam



  • Hosted on EVERY Tuesday of every month

    • (except the random 5th Tuesday which is Open Mic Night)

  • 3 different Bluegrass circles

  • Acoustic instruments only with the exception of electric bass. 

Beginner Bluegrass Jam / Slow Jam

Intermediate Bluegrass Jam​​
  • Uses our RMJ Bluegrass Songbook

  • Feel free to use your JAM Song book

  • Familiar with Bluegrass Jams

  • Try to bring at least 1 song to lead

    • It can be super easy!

  • Comfortable changing keys​

Open Bluegrass Jam
  • Standard/Traditional Bluegrass Jam. 

  • Open to All Levels! 

  • Bring a song or three.

  • If you are familiar with with Bluegrass Jams this is your place. 

  • Most bluegrass jams don't use song books with the exception of the singer for lyrics.  We are not that strict. We encourage you to use your ears, but feel free to use our RMJ Bluegrass Songbook if you are more comfortable.

Spotify Playlist

Through the suggestions of our members, we have amassed a very nice Spotify Playlist. If you are new to Bluegrass take a listen:

Roswell Music Jam - Bluegrass Spotify Playlist


We have two informal groups that sometimes meet immediately after the Bluegrass Jams end (at 9pm) for about 30-40 minutes. One focused on Swing / Jazz and one focused on Fiddle Tunes.  List of songs is below.  If you are unfamiliar with these styles, this is a great way to learn something new. 

Fiddle Tunes Group

This group is working together to learn some Fiddle Tunes. They meet in the back room from from 9-9:45.  HUGE thank you to Nate for offering to start and lead this group! 

All tabs can be found here. 

If just starting out, focus on Red Haired Boy and Salt Creek.  Start VERY VERY VERY SLOW.  Accuracy and Tone is WAY more important than speed.  You must play slow first before you play fast. We have a PDF you can print to help you track your tempo improvements. 30 min each day makes a huge difference. 

Finally, take a look at Strum Machine. Nate has put together a playlist in Strum Machine of the songs we are working on. You can add the list to your Strum Machine library, and as he adds more tunes, your list will update as well! It does have a monthly cost, but well worth! 

Swing/Jazz/Gypsy Group

This group is learning some Swing/Jazz/Gypsy songs.  They meet next to the piano (of course :D) from 9-9:45. Huge thank you to Eyal, Katie and Jasen for forming this group. 

Swing/Jazz/Gypsy Song Book

We are using PDF that was first published on by the incredible Don Julin.  I modified it slightly by adding SummerTime​ in a few different keys. 


For those joining focus on:

  • Summertime in Am

  • Minor Swing in Am

  • Dark Eyes in Dm

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