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Jam Etiquette

Below are some general rules of the road for how this Jam will be run.  Suggestions are welcome, but the simple answer is be kind and respectful and that takes care of most issues. 

Kindness, Respect and Patience

Circle > You

The circle is more important than the individual.  So for the individual "Do No Harm" is very important. 

If sitting with strong musicians, try and soak it in. If playing with newer musicians, focus on helping with rhythm and tempo and not blowing everybody out with solos. 

Absolutely no Divas :D 

As mentioned on the home page, Community and Encouragement are two of our main goals. 

Listen and Watch

Most of us learned these songs through others and tabs. Very few of us know how to read sheet music or music theory. So learning to listen, watch, and repeating is a key skill to learn.  Find a strong player, and either sit next to them or across from them. Learn to "cheat" off their hands, both their rhythm hand (strumming) and their fretting hand (chords). If you just watch and copy, you will learn to anticipate and feel the upcoming chord changes. 

PRACTICE between jams. Only playing these songs every two weeks will not help your comprehension of them. Lean In! 

Bring a Song

A healthy jam is where most everybody brings 2-3 songs to lead on. If you are a intermediate player, please try and bring at least one song.  It can be the most simple song in the world, but be brave, bring it and we will help you lead it, sing it and play it.   If you are unsure, reach out to me at

No Jam Busting

Everybody gets excited about "their" song.  But songs must be easily learned, and generally accessible to all. If it has more than 4 chords, and something beyond a I, 4, 5, 6m structure, be careful. If you suggest the song, then be somewhat ready to teach it and lead it. If you do not feel comfortable, then ask a more experienced player if they know it or would be willing to learn it to lead it next time.

All are Welcome

One of our core values is to be need to be 100% beginner friendly and welcoming. If you see somebody is lost pull them in, yell out the chords.  Encourage them to step out and try a solo even if totally lost. We were all there! If you don't like the music choice, then just be patient, and ask to pick the next song.

Also the reason we have different circles is to let folks find the group they are the most comfortable playing with.

Be in Tune and Time

Please invest on a clip on tuner. The room may be noisy, and tuning via ear or microphone can be difficult. If you do not own one, then maybe borrow one from somebody.  Visit your local music store to purchase one or search on Amazon.

Buy a metronome or download a metronome app on your phone.  Being able to keep time is critical! 


Each Jam has a core genre. If you have a song and feel it is "outside" the genre, just ask the Circle Leader if that song will work!  If you are unsure, reach out to me at

Noodles are for Soup

Between songs, keep the noodling (and chatter) to a minimum to zero. If you are trying to work something out, please just step away from the circle.

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