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Jamming around Atlanta

Everett's Music Barn

This is a rite of passage of the Atlanta Bluegrass scene.  It is an absolutely blast. There is a house on the front of the property and every room is packed with pickers. There is a "Barn" out back where the concert is held. It is every Saturday unless the world is ending. 


Everett's Music Barn - Every Saturday Night is Picking and a Concert 


SEBA Jams​

Consider Joining and supporting SEBA (SouthEastern Bluegrass Association). They have a list of Jams around the area in the Jams page. I suggest you start there and see if one is near you. That is the most extensive and up to date list I could find:

National Bluegrass Festivals​
Red Light Cafe - Bluegrass Jam Officially is Dead :( 

One of the most famous in-town jams is sadly dead.  The Red Light Cafe Bluegrass jam is no more.  Maybe one day it will get started back up, but for now, it is no more.  They were halted for COVID, then brought back in Summer of 2021 only. ​

Frank Hamilton School

Founded in September 2015, the Frank Hamilton School is a place where people of all ages can come together to share, learn, and celebrate music. Based on the idea that music is a natural birthright shared by everyone, the school strives to make learning accessible and enjoyable, bringing students and teachers together in a caring and supportive musical community.

Atlanta Blues Society

The Atlanta Blues Society is a VERY active group promoting blues music. Definitely follow them on social media and check out their website. Tons of jams and events. 

Red Light Cafe - Jazz

Although not bluegrass, on Wednesday nights, Red Light Cafe hosts a wonderful Jazz Jam. It is streamed on Twitch for free though there is a virtual Tip Jar through Venmo. It is hosted by the Georgia State Coordinator of Jazz Studies.  If you want some exposure to Jazz Classics, you won't be disappointed. ​

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