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Where Musicians gather and grow!

Who are We?



Music Brings People Together. 
Creating Music Together Builds a Community! 

Playing and singing in a group is a wonderful way to connect with others and grow your skills, independent of the genre.  For if you are new to playing with others it can be intimidating! Roswell Music Jam's goal is to make the effort of "playing with others" an easy entrance.


We expect all attendees to adhere to our 5 core values "PICK-E":

  • Patience

  • Inviting

  • Community-minded

  • Kind

  • Encouraging




The Roswell Music Jam hosts a Jam the first 4 Tuesdays of month from 7-9pm at Roswell Presbyterian Church. All Levels are welcome.  

  • Every Tuesday

    • Bluegrass (multiple circles)

    • Americana (Acoustic)

  • 1st / 3rd Tuesdays

    • Electric Jam

  • 5th Tuesday​ (Every few months)

    • Special Events (Open Mic, Social Event, etc)​

Calendar for the next few Months:


Roswell Presbyterian Church

The Roswell Music Jam would not be possible without the incredible support of Roswell Presbyterian Church (RPC). They have provided an incredibly flexible space for us to use!

Roswell Presbyterian Church has a large building, make sure to come to the



Picture below so you can see where to go. Look for the signs on the door on Jam Night!


About Roswell Music Jam

My name is Cade Thacker, and I'm glad you are here....

I play mandolin, guitar and bass.  In Spring 2022, I was looking for other musicians to play with. After searching for jams all around the Atlanta / North Georgia area, I came to realize that Roswell was in the middle of the jam wasteland. Rather than drive about an hour in any direction to a jam, I decided just to start one in Roswell and grow it. But we are doing things differently. I grew up on a steady diet of Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, and Dave Matthews Band. In my early 20s, I ran across a Jerry Garcia & David "Dawg" Grisman album of Miles Davis tunes called "So What", which caused me to split paths into Bluegrass, Blues, and Jazz all at the same time. 

So this Jam will have a foundation of Bluegrass, but we will be mixing in other circles on the Jam Band side of the world! So if you love Traditional Bluegrass or 20 minute Phish Jams, JamGrass or anything inbetween, there is room for both here! 

We held our first Bluegrass Jam on May 15, 2022 had 8 people. Most of which were my own family. :D Now we are pushing 50 per jam and still growing! We have added Americana and Jam Band and Blues circle. We have dedicated Circle Leaders for each group! 

But more important is our focus more of Community and Encouragement than performative. We want all musicians to grow, but not at the expense of beginners or frustrations at missed notes. We all get better together!  

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