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JamGrass / Americana Jam

Hosted on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. It is hosted on the same Tuesdays as Bluegrass


See Home Page for Calendar.


This is an intermediate level Jam, but Beginners are highly encouraged to join in!

Make sure to download our JamGrass / Americana Song Book - Oct 29, 2023.  If you find any typos, let us know. It is fresh off the press. 

JamGrass / Americana


This is the best of many worlds:  Bluegrass, Old Country, Grateful Dead and Americana. Electric Bass is welcome, but all other instruments need/should to be Acoustic. Cajon and Melodica are welcome!  


For those that don't know, there is ton of history of overlap between Jam Bands and Bluegrass. Both the Grateful Dead and Phish played bluegrass songs at their concerts.  In fact, when Phish came to Atlanta in the 90s, they ask Cedar Hill to open for them! These songs may be slightly more complex, but jump in and learn them with the group. 


Near the end of each meeting, the group plays "Drink Up and Go Home" by Garcia & Grisman so work on that one for sure!

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