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Jam Band



Started in Aug 2022, this is a one of a kind jam here in the Atlanta area.  This jam uses the Bluegrass structure of sitting in a circle and passing the leadership of songs around, but we are doing this in the Jam Band genre focusing on Grateful Dead, Phish, Allman Brothers, and many others. Originally, we called this .... Dead Phish Brothers... now it is just simply Jam Band Circle or Jam Band Jam. ​


All levels of player are welcome and encouraged to join!  One of my main goal for starting this is to give people a place to come and learn! That being said, these songs are a bit tricker than the Bluegrass songs. You may need to put in some extra practice to get them in your fingers. But don't let that dissuade you! Come and learn with us! There are some awesome players in the room and this is a good chance to talk with somebody farther along the road and learn some tricks.  PDF of the songs is linked at the top of this page and again below.  

If you are an accomplished musician, please come and join us and bring your Teaching heart :D We are all looking to learn! 


Hosted on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month.  See the Home page for the upcoming dates

What Instruments can I bring?

Acoustic Instruments are encouraged, but electric instruments are very much welcome.  Most all Jam Band instruments are welcome: guitar, elec. bass, keys, mandolin, melodica, etc  Most of our jams have been 50% Acoustic / 50% Electric.  You MUST be able to regulate your volume.  Vocals will not be mic-ed up.  So boost during the solos, then drop your volume during the strumming parts.  Power strips will be spread around the circle. We try to keep the Decibels under 90 which is the average for a Bluegrass Circle.

Singers without instruments are also SUPER welcome! If you just love singing and want to come and jam with us we would love it! 

Percussion is 100% welcome and encouraged.  We would love to have you if you are a drummer. BUT before you load up your Neil Peart kit into your car, just bring cajons, djembes, congos or hand percussion first and get a feel for the group.  I'm very open to ideas! Just want to make sure we can balance the volume.  

What songs do you all play?

We have published an official set list so players know what to practice. ​

How does the jam operate?​​
  • We will use the Bluegrass Jam structure. Take a look at our "New to Bluegrass" page for details. We will use eye contact to pass around the solo, when you are done with the solo, just go back to strumming to let the leader know. Then the leader will pass to the next player or start the next verse.

  • A PDF of the songs are available here.  If you have a tablet or electronic device we recommend using it. A few have taken the PDF to local copy shops and had it printed and bound. This works great, but we do update the PDF a handful of times per year. 

  • For the electric instruments, boost up during the solo, and after the solo drop your volume back down. If you forget, don't worry, we will lovingly give you a hand signal to drop your volume :D 

  • Learning 1-2 songs good enough to lead and maybe even sing it. This passes the effort among the group and no one person get burned out singing all the songs. ​

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