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Jam & Blues



After much consideration, we are merging our two electric jams to be a single jam called "Jam & Blues".   This jam will cover Blues, Blues Rock, Jam Band and some Rock. The focus will be songs that allow for solos and improv of the player. 


All levels of player are welcome and encouraged to join!  We pride ourselves on being a teaching jam and highly welcoming space. (aka no divas :D)  

If you are an accomplished jam band, blues or rock musician, please come and join us and bring your Teaching heart :D We are all looking to learn! 


Hosted on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. See the Home page for the upcoming dates. 

How does the jam operate?​​

We operate as a hybrid Open Mic style. 

How we are the same as a traditional Blues Jam:

  • We have a rotating house band to back the songs

  • Players (if desired) can take turns playing and singing on stage

  • If on stage, amp will be provided. All sounds must go through the mixer. No exception. 

How we are different than a traditional Blues Jam:

  • 95% of our songs will be from our RMJ Jam & Blues Songbook.

  • All players can bring their own small amp and headphones, come in and find a seat.

  • Power will be distributed through the room

  • While the house band plays, put on your headphones and jam away

  • Ask questions between songs on ideas for soloing or improving

What Instruments can I bring?

Most all Jam & Blues instruments are welcome: guitar, elec. bass, keys, mandolin, melodica, etc  Power strips will be spread around the circle. 

Singers without instruments are also SUPER welcome! If you just love singing and want to come and jam with us we would love it! 

What songs do you all play?

By the end of February 2024, we will be releasing a brand new song book that will include all the songs across all the genres. Keep an eye out for that. 

We ALWAYS start with the following 4 songs:

Also..Check out this Blues Classic Playlist on Spotify to get your ear in that genre. If you have never played the Blues before I suggest just starting with learning the slow 12 Bar Blues! For those who are beginner/intermediate players I recommend Stich’s Blues Playlist of Lessons. ​

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